This year (my junior year) here at Mary Wash I finally got up the nerve to start getting tattoos! To be quite honest, my mom convinced me that it was time, and she ended up getting tatted before me! I’m pretty picky about what I put on my body, I want every new tattoo I get to represent me in some way.

12341031_10204077209285433_103277212196067173_nI got my first tattoo this November, on Black Friday actually! I had been designing this one for a few years, and finally got it! I chose the quote “and 5 6 7 8” because it is a quote relevant in the dance world. Before any combination, we count our selves in so we’ll all be on tempo. We do this by counting 5 6 7 8. I placed the tattoo on my foot because I couldn’t dance without my feet!




12376356_10204706513857654_6508084709169994862_nThe second tattoo I got was just this March. I’ve always been interested in getting a tattoo to represent my zodiac sign, a Leo. I didn’t want to get the actual sign, I wanted it to be a little different than that. I ended up choosing the star constellation, and I placed it on my shoulder near freckles to give off the stars in the sky kind of look. It also has some blacklight ink in it so it’ll glow!



I’m already itching for another tattoo, and I hope to get something this summer!