Writing & Raving & Cramming

Well here we are again, at the end of week 3. The beginning of the week started off really slow for me. I wasn’t feeling well and was in bed for a few days, so I fell behind pretty quickly. I expected to be incredibly stressed by the end of the week, but as it turns out, I wasn’t. I thought I was going to seriously regret taking time to get up and running again. However, I guess I knew what to expect work wise, so finishing it didn’t turn out to be all that bad.

I definitely enjoyed the films I chose to watch this week more than I thought I would. Going into it, I was expecting more of a scare factor from them, which I definitely didn’t get. Instead, they both gave off more of a thriller story vibe. I am a fan of those types of movies full of plot twists that keep you on your toes with the suspense. They were a hit over here. You can check out more of my thoughts on them here.

I would have to say that my favorite part of this week was creating my own host character. I’ll admit, when I first read the assignment I was a little intimidated. I’m not going to lie, I’m not super creative, and there are definitely more creative people in this class! As I started brainstorming, I could only think about the fact that all of my classmates would see it and laugh because whatever I would come up with wouldn’t be that neat. But finally I set my insecurities aside and just started working. Firstly, as I started writing I realize that introducing my host character in just a few sentences would be incredibly boring for you guys to read. I mean you’ll be reading dozens of these things, so I wanted to spice it up a little. I decided giving it an interview type format would be a little more fun to read than just a few simple sentences. Secondly, I finally came up with my idea. I wanted to relate it to myself, and the first thing that popped in my mind is the fact that I dance. Of course I had to include this, so I made my character a ballerina. Obviously I had to make her a little gory, I mean what’s a horror host who’s not….horrific? So from there I decided that she would be headless. The Headless Ballerina. BAM there we go, I did it. You can check her out here!

Kurt Vonnegut’s method of story shaping definitely gave me a few giggles. I’m not sure he realized how funny his blunt lecture was! You can check out the story I applied his story shaping to here!

I had many different mixed feelings about the writing assignments I did this week! The first one brought back so many good…and not so good memories. However, it was the perfect story for this assignment! If you want to check out how I lost some of my favorite memories, you can check it out here! The second writing assignment I did has definitely been my favorite so far. I just had to watch one of my favorite shows EVER, but instead of watching the main characters I had to pay attention to the extras instead. This was actually really easy for me, because I’ve seen the particular episode I chose at least 6-10 times. So I already knew the main plot and didn’t get distracted by the main characters. It was really fun to pay attention to the background for a change, it gave the episode a different feel! If you want to see all my notes from that you can check it out here!

All the daily creates I did this week are compiled here!



Well that’s all for this week!

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