Working on Gifs

I made two gifs! First, I made one with and then secondly with! They both ran pretty similarly, and were easy to use!

first gif:


Some note-taking:

  • Gif stands for “graphics interchange format”
  • It’s a bitmap image format
  • Supports up to 8 bits per pixal
  • Steve Wilhite of CompuServe debuted it in June 1987
  • Original form was a called 87a
  • Technique was actually patented in 1985 by Unisys
  • In 1989 CompuServe released an enhanced version called 89a
  • Dancing banana was inspired by a Flash music video
  • Most people pronounce it with a hard “g”
  • “Choosy developers choose GIF” – reference to Jif peanut butter – actual pronunciation
  • Patent spurred the development of PNG

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