What’s in my Dance Bag!

This assignment is totally up my alley! I’m super snoopy, I love to see what other people have in this bags! Technically this is just a what’s in my bag, but honestly mine would have just been too boring. Instead, I’ll show you what’s in my dance bag!

IMG_1565 IMG_1567

The contents of my bag include:

  • Tap Shoes: I’m a tap dancer! I love to tap, and I’m currently choreographing my first tap piece for PAC’s small show!
  • Jazz Shoes: I’m on dance team, so I always need my jazz shoes on hand.
  • Ballet Shoes: I’m currently taking the intro to ballet dance class here, so I always need my ballet shoes!
  • Foot Undeez: These are little fabric pieces that are like “undies” for your feet and toes! They give the no shoe look, while still being able to turn!
  • Turners: These are just for practice! They help you turn really well, but aren’t very pretty.
  • H2Ocean: This is a piercing cleaning solution. I have a lot of piercings, and they tend to get irritated when I dance.
  • Chapstick: I always have chapped lips!
  • Deodorant: Well……a dancer gets sweaty. What can I say?!
  • Hair ties/clips: Always gotta put my hair up!
  • Choreography notebook & Pen: In case I have any ideas for my dance I can always have a place to jot them down
  • Ankle brace: I actually have a sprained ankle, so I need to use this a lot when I dance!
  • Tiger Balm: This stuff is SO good. It turns your skin orange (like a tiger) and instantly warms and relaxes your muscles. I use this on my ankle a lot, and on my recently injured hip!
  • Snacks: Just in case I get hungry!
  • Earphones: Because I’m always walking and dancing down campus!
  • Wallet and keys: Well I gotta get into the gym and my house somehow!


I hope you guys enjoyed going through my stuff!

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  1. melissa miranda says:

    I like your post, and it made me wonder about my bag. Actually, I am always carrying a backpack. It amaze me how different it can be from person to person. For example, in my backpack I always carry my Ti 84, laptop. pencil case, lab googles, Structure Determination of Organic Compounds: Tables of Spectral Data (Exp Methods book), and a legal pad for calculation. It is different for each person but at the same time is the same because each of us carry what is important and essential for a daily life.

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