Week 10…whoops

Yes. Yes I did not turn in anything for week 9. All I have to say is whoops. I’m not going to lie, I thought I would be able to get away with checking the work for the week on Thursday night. Unfortunately that was not the case. I had the busiest week last week, and wasn’t available while any of the radio shows aired. On Monday night I had an extra dance rehearsal (which I could’ve skipped if I had checked my work before Thursday…whoops), then on Tuesday I had a dress rehearsal for lip sync. Wednesday night I performed in PAC’s small show, and on Thursday night I was in UMW’s lip sync. Friday was really my only opportunity to do my entire week’s work. When I saw that I had missed a crucial part of the week I honestly said just screw it, I still had the all-day event, Homecoming and half-time performances on Saturday and I really needed to rest Friday. That week killed me, especially while getting over this cold that’s still lingering. Oh well…..on to this week!


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