UMW Dance Team T-Shirt Design

This assignment couldn’t have come at a more convenient time! Just now on dance team, each member was assigned the task of designing a piece of spirit wear for the team to vote on! So of course I decided to use my design for this project!

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 10.24.22 PMFirst off, I decided to choose a football jersey styled shirt, in a pretty light blue color. I thought this would be a great comfortable shirt to perform hip-hop dances in while still being cute and teamy! Obviously I had to include the “UMW Dance Team” text because that’s what spirit wear is all about! I decided it was too plain with just the text, so I inserted a clipart picture of a dancer doing a needle extension! Then, I placed it all out on the t-shirt in what I thought was the best way possible! I hope you all like my design!

To make this design, I simply used the the t-shirt creator on the Custom Ink website!

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