Toby: A Dogumentary

Yes, yes you did just read that title correctly. I decided to think a little out of the box for this one. When I read the assignment I had one person on my mind that I thought would fit the description perfectly. Unfortunately, I would have had to go home to be able to do it. I didn’t have the opportunity to go home this week, I have too many dance things going on right now. So my next best option? One of my dance choreographers, Chelsea’s new dog Toby! She decided to adopt a dog from the Fredericksburg SPCA, not only to gain a companion but also to give a pup a new chance at life! If you want to hear a little more about Chelsea’s new dog and some adorable videos and pictures of Toby check it out here:

The making of this video really wasn’t all that hard! First, I compiled all of the videos and photos that I wanted to use onto my computer. Then I uploaded them all into iMovie. Next, I strung them all together in the order that I wanted. Next, I recorded Chelsea speaking her parts (she wasn’t interested in being on camera). I put the recordings where I wanted them, then I chose a song to use as the background music. I thought Happy Together by The Turtles was a perfect choice for the new bond between Chelsea and Toby! I hope you all enjoy my little dogumentary!


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