These Dolls Were Meant To Scare

4ca652bc6e46334e5a1451739e5ab43dc191374cWow, can I just say that I loved the horror videos from this week! Even though I am not a huge fan of the genre in general, I am partial to the movies about dolls. I don’t know what intrigues me so much about them. I think that it’s quite interesting to see them in a completely opposite light from what you’d expect. I guess that it explains why my favorite horror movie is The Conjuring. So when I saw that all of this weeks videos were about dolls I guess I got a little giddy inside.

I found a similarity among two of the three videos assigned. In both “The Doll” and “Amelia” the suspenseful actions were described before they ever even happened. The characters described what the dolls were and what they could do. While you may think that this takes away from the suspense aspect of the film, I think not. Hearing what these demonic dolls could do only slightly prepared me for what was to come. It made my creative juices flow. What would they sound like? What exactly will they do to the main character? And what outcome will the main character get out of it? Thinking about this as it happened was really quite entertaining for me, and kept the suspense alive.

Touching back to an earlier statement I made, I think that another reason that the suspense was alive in these films was due to the expected nature of dolls. As a child growing up, you’re told that dolls are fun, that what girls should play with. Nothing spectacular ever comes out of it, just a girl and her doll and a good time. So what’s so interesting watching these movies about dolls? Well really, as a little girl, do you ever expect to your doll to seek revenge on you? I know for sure I didn’t. It’s really fun to watch these dolls be perceived as demons and evil spirits, it really give the traditional doll vibe a twist.

Obviously, I definitely don’t have Pediophobia. But on the subject of phobias, I definitely have Algophobia, the fear of pain. Anywhere I go and with anything I do, one of the biggest things I have on my mind is “will I hurt myself doing this?” Because of this you’ll always see me carrying around a bottle of advil, an wrap-around brace, and a few bandaids. I guess it’s kind of ironic that the girl with Algophobia is also a klutz, isn’t it?

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  1. Paul says:

    You make a good point about how anticipation helps build suspense. The foreshadowing sets the viewer up for what is to come, rather than giving it away.

    It’s also interesting that while dolls are considered fun toys, there is also the voodoo doll, like we saw in Creepshow, which functions as a supernatural weapon. While this week’s dolls didn’t operate as traditional voodoo dolls, they seem to have a spiritual kinship.

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