The Ring

For this week’s viewing assignment, I chose to watch The Ring. I’m not going to lie, I felt like a baby watching it. It was way scarier than I had expected! But there were definitely elements to this film that made it scary to watch.

hqdefaultOne of the things that really got me in this film was actually the ring. Kinda funny, right? Well I’m not entirely sure why this image caught my attention so quickly. When I look at the image of the ring, the first thing that pops out at me is the asymmetrical design of the circle. Visually, it is more interesting than just a circle, it’s not plain and simple. But what really draws me into this image is the fact that both outside and inside the circle are black. Typically, I would expect the circle in the middle to be the same color as the outline, but in this case it is the same color as the background. This draws my eye in to the center, rather to the outline. This change in perception gives off a strange sort of vibe, like when you expect one thing but it turns out to be eerily different. It really doesn’t seem that interesting, but I swear it is.

The next still from this film that caught my eye was a short clip where a house is shown present day,Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 7.40.15 PM but then flips to an older one with a figure in the window. In this picture, the main focus seems to be pointed towards the house itself, especially towards the roof. I say this because both the shudders and the paneling on the house are the sharpest parts of the photo. I feel like this was done to make you feel like your attention should be drawn to that. But instead, there is a figure of a woman standing in the window. Although it is the least clear part of the picture, your focus is immediately drawn towards her. This gives off a bit of an eery and unsettling effect for me. Why did my attention go towards the figure in the window when it obviously wasn’t meant to be the clearest part of the picture? You tell me.

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 8.03.59 PMLastly, the selection and depth of the items in this photo really stood out to me. I suppose this really goes back to the location of the scene, in a mental hospital. I mean, doesn’t that give everyone the chills? My focus is drawn in several different directions in this photo. First, the girl sitting in the back grabs my attention. I wonder what she looks like close up, then I see her on the TV. Then my focus is drawn towards the picture that she drew, and then to the desk, which shows that this takes place in some sort of hospital. I really like the depth in this photo. I start of intrigued by the picture in the middle, but it is slowly explained as I see the other objects. I also think that everything in this shot is there for a reason. It hits you with questions that are answered by the time you overview the entire shot.

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