The Headless Ballerina’s Fateful Leap

I was pretty nervous as I started this assignment! It took me the longest time to figure out what “story” I wanted to portray through sound effects. I’m not quite sure why it took me so long, it should have been smacking me in the face!

So for my story, I decided to portray the death of my horror host, The Headless Ballerina. She begins her last ever performance with a huge applause, everyone loved to watch her dance! She walks out on to the stage, and hits her opening pose. For this performance, she is wearing her pointe shoes, which are very loud and clompy! She then began her ballet routine, filled with many arabesques, grand battements, and sautés. During her final combination, a beautiful tombe, pas de bourree, glissade, grand jete (leap), instead of landing her leap on her feet, she managed to leap off of the stage and thump onto the floor. The entire audience went mad, screaming at what they saw. Why was it so horrific? Well because she happened to fall into a huge pile of lighting equipment, slicing through her neck. Of course, a member of the audience called an ambulance immediately, however it did not show up in time, and The Headless Ballerina was already on her way to horror host land.


The making of this assignment was really quite simple (once I chose my storyline). I made an account with and chose different sounds. Finding the thump, ambulance, and crowd cheering then screaming sounds were a piece of cake! Figuring out how to make the rest sound like a ballet dance en pointe wasn’t quite as easy. I found a recording of walking in high heels, which I thought sounded similar to walking in pointe shoes. Next, I found two other recordings of walking and jumping in slippers, which I thought sounded like the various noises pointe shoes make while you dance. Once I chose all my clips, I compiled them into Garageband, and arranged/cut them accordingly. Then I saved it to my iTunes, and uploaded it to Soundcloud. I hope you all enjoy my story!


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