Tattoos 4Life

I got pretty excited when I saw this assignment! I’ve wanted tattoos for years, but have never actually gotten up the nerve to go out and get one! One of the tattoos that I have always wanted is the saying “and 5 6 7 8” across my foot. I’m sure most of you are slightly confused. Why would this girl want a few numbers tattooed across her foot? Well I’ll tell you. As I’m sure you all know by now (if you’ve been following my posts) I have danced for many many years. As a dancer, you are exposed to all sorts of different vocabulary, from french terms to even just “stop doing that!!”. Before ANY sort of combination we must count in, so that everyone starts on the same beat. This is always done as ” and 5..6..7..8..” then everyone starts dancing on 1. I chose for this tattoo to be located on my foot because I can’t dance without my feet! I hope one day I wrack up the nerve to actually get it done, I think it would be super cool!

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 10.28.24 PM


The making of this assignment was really quite simple. I used to create a blank white canvas, and insert my own text on top of it. I chose the “Sacramento” text because it looked the most similar to a text that I would like it done in. That’s all!

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