Switch the Soundtrack!

For my last mashup assignment, I decided to do Switch the Soundtrack for 3 stars! This assignment turned out to be pretty fun! Basically, I had to use a video clip from one movie and replace the audio with sound from another, but the change had to make sense! I decided to use a small clip from a Mickey Mouse cartoon short called “Doggone Biscuits” for the video, and an audio clip from Mean Girls for the audio! Here’s my mashup!

The making of this assignment was easier than it seems! First, I chose my “I’m a mouse, duh” sound clip from moviesoundclips.net. I downloaded it to my computer, then uploaded it into my iMovie. Then, I went looking for mouse videos. As soon as I stumbled across Mickey Mouse short videos I knew I’d find something! I quickly scanned through this particular video looking for a moment where I could overlay the Mean Girls quote. And I was super lucky, because I think I found a great point in the short to make my mashup with! I downloaded the short using savefrom.net, then imported it into my iMovie. From there I just cut the portion of the video that I wanted, then turned the audio to the clip off. Then I dragged the audio clip I wanted to use over top, and voila my mashup was complete! Hope you guys like it!


  1. Mike says:

    I thought about trying this one, but it seemed pretty intimidating. I think you did a good job of finding two relevant clips and making the voice match the mouth.

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