Shoes for Days

So I chose this assignment because I was looking for something light and happy to do. Well what makes me happy? I guess you could call me a stereotypical girl, I love clothes, makeup, purses, and best of all, shoes. So as I was scrolling through the design section of the assignment bank, this really caught my eye.

Designing the shoe was really quite fun for me. I’ve always wanted to own a pair of personalized Nikes, so I really picked the color and style according to what I would wear. I kept the material on the toe and the heel of the shoe gray, because gray sneakers are my favorite. However, I wanted to make it a little different, so I changed the mid-section to a navy blue, and added a bright pink color to the Nike check. Since pink is my favorite color this was quite appropriate. After I was done with that, the shoes still seemed a bit…..plain to me. When I saw that I could personalize the soles, I was sold. I added a pink splatter effect to the white, and I really think that just tops off the look. What do you guys think?


The assignment itself is really a no brainer. What I did was use the website that the assignment suggested, and from there I picked out a pair of shoes to edit. I changed many different aspects of the shoe, from the classic Nike check to the soles. After I was done designing, I took screenshots of both the original and the personalized version of the shoes. Then, I went to Be Funky’s website, and I used their collage maker to display both the original and the updated version of the shoes. I also added the “before” and “after” text for clarification. That’s really all it took and it was super fun to do!

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