Shaping Talky Tina

I suppose the way Kurt Vonnegut sees stories is really quite simple. He doesn’t try to interpret the abstract parts of stories, but rather he just looks for the simple connections. It’s almost like taking a trip back to childhood, when everything linked from step to step so simply.

Well here we go with “The Living Doll” from the Twilight Zone, aka Talky Tina. The story starts off just over the line for the father, not expecting for anything to go wrong. When his wife and daughter came home with expensive toys, he dips just under the line. As he sees the doll and learns that it talks he takes another step lower.

As each event happens within this story, such as when Talky Tina is thrown away then disappears from the trashcan, and when he tries to cut her but she turns out to be indestructible, the father takes more and more steps lower.

Then at the end, when he trips over Talky Tina and falls to his death, well he’s taken the lowest step possible.

Guess it couldn’t have turned out any worse for the father!

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