Reverse Audio Quiz!

I got super excited but slightly nervous for this assignment. It sounded super fun, but difficult at the same time. But of course I had to try it!

So the point of this assignment was to pick a familiar song, and reverse the audio so that it plays backwards. This makes it sound totally different, which is super cool! So then, I had to come up with three clues to help the listeners determine what song it is! So fun, right?

So I went through my iTunes library, and found a song that I thought would work really well. Obviously I can’t release what it is, but I will after I get some guesses! Then, I used Jasmine’s¬†tutorial to help me through! It was super simple to follow, and the whole process was really easy! I uploaded the song I chose into Audacity. Then I selected the entire song, and went to “Effects –> Reverse” which did all the work for me! Then I exported it to my computer, and uploaded it to Soundcloud! Then I came up with the three different clues to help you guys figure out the song. On to the quiz!

Here are my three clues for this song:

  1. This song was released in 2009 and was a huge hit all the way through 2010.
  2. The title is two words.
  3. The artist of this song is most known by her stage name.


Alright guys, have fun and comment your guesses!!!


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