Remixing My Signature

For for my first remixed assignment, I decided to do the “Your Signature” assignment from the design section. I went straight to the design section, because those tend to be the ones I most enjoy! When I came across this assignment I thought it would be fun, I really like personalizing things to myself. Then, I got super excited when I “remixed” it. The “remix” part was to make it “pretty in pink”, which is not hard for me to do! Pink is definitely my favorite color!

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 11.40.31 PM

I figured I’d do something a little more different than a typical “signature”. I didn’t want it to be totally boring, because I wouldn’t consider myself to be a boring kind of person. I started out with a heart, because I always sign my name with a heart next to it. Then I made it pretty in pink! I chose a lighter pink color, because I’ve always been more attracted to lighter colors. The heart shape that I chose had a little bite mark taken out of the bottom, which I think is super fun. To make it more like my “signature” I added a “K” for Kaitlin right into the bite mark. I thought it was cute, almost like my name was taking a bite out of the heart. Lastly, I changed the outline of the heart to a slightly darker pink color to add a little more dimension. Hope you guys like my signature!

The making of this assignment was really a piece of cake (coffee cake to be exact, which happens to be in the oven right now!) I went to my favorite photo editor site, PicMonkey, and looked through all of their different symbols. I chose the heart symbol that I liked, and made it the size that I wanted. Then I added the “K” using the text editor, then placed it where I wanted it. Then I changed the colors of the heart, and saved it all!

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