Reflection Time


WOW is all I have to say to start out this post. I just scratched my entire first draft of this after a little scare I had last night. As I was doing some work around 12:30 am (yes, I’m basically nocturnal), and I had a mini “heart attack” moment. It dawned on me that maybe I had misinterpreted the “Friday at midnight” deadline, and had already missed it by 30 minutes. The FIRST WEEK of classes and I was late on work already? Well it turns out that I had been right all along, and I shouldn’t double guess myself past midnight.


So I guess I should start on my weekly summary now. I’ll start off with introductions…..

HI!! I’m Kaitlin!

Here's the image you'll be seeing on all of my profiles!

Here’s the image you’ll be seeing on all of my profiles!

I’m a junior here at Mary Wash, and I’m switching my major to Business with hopefully a minor in Digital Studies (depending on how things pan out). I LOVE to dance. It’s my favorite pastime, hobby, and stress reliever. You’ll see me hanging out on the sidelines with the dance team at basketball games, and tapping my little heart away on stage at PAC performances! If you interested in getting to know a little more about me, you can visit my “About me!” page, the front page of my website!

Also on the subject of introductions, here are a few more formal and personal introductions (sorry I’m a little awkward when it comes to this stuff) :



Now let’s get into the good stuff!


I’m going to be totally honest, I’m not a huge fan of horror. I enjoy the occasional suspenseful book and thriller movie, but it’s really not my thing. I’m worried that my lack of passion for the genre is going to come across in all of my posts. However I really did enjoy telling my own story. 🙂 I do need to work on understanding and appreciating horror more. I think by the end of this semester I may develop a serious love for it! I don’t know, we’ll see how it goes! 🙂


Getting started this week was definitely not what I had expected AT ALL. I didn’t know I’d have to make accounts on so many different platforms! However, whenever I meet new people I can now proudly say that I do have a Twitter! I’m really not a huge fan of it though, I’m really more of an Instagram and Facebook kind of girl. I learned that even though I thought I’m “technologically savvy” was actually a big fat lie. Registering my domain was probably the hardest thing I did this week. It probably took me about 5 tries before it finally appeared on the class website, but that’s A-Okay because it’s working now! Making my Youtube and Soundcloud introductions was probably the most nerve-wracking thing I did this week. I’m generally pretty shy and quiet, until you get to know me. Getting in front of the camera, and just recording my own voice wasn’t fun…but hey I worked through it and anyone is welcome to view them now!


I’m not going to lie, my favorite thing I’ve done this week has definitely been writing this post. It’s almost like an online diary. I really enjoy documenting how I’ve felt about all the different tasks of this week. Also, I really enjoy reading all of my classmates. I’m glad that I don’t feel alone in this documenting journey! I’m really excited for what the coming weeks hold and to get to know all of you better! 🙂


That’s it for now!

Here are some of the posts I’ve made this week:


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