Radio Show Promos!

I was pretty excited when I saw that we needed to create promos for our shows! I really enjoy making these sorts of things. I’m not going to lie, I’m really not the most creative one out there, but hey it’s still fun!

I decided that I wanted to go simple with my poster. I have always been more drawn to advertisements that convey the message in a short but sweet manor. It seems to catch my eye a little quicker. I decided on the splat shaped star because I thought it does your eye in quicker. Also, I added a frame and matte around it. I thought it made it look a little more official! Obviously I couldn’t add all the details I wanted to, such as how long our show is, when it will be aired etc, but I’ll be able to update it easily when I have more information! Here’s the finished product for now!



I made this poster on! It was super easy, they provide the frame outline, and all the shapes and text that I wanted to use!


I decided to make a logo for our show. I again went for a more simple look. I decided that just the name of our show would make a good logo. I mean, sometimes all the extra info is unnecessary and makes it look to busy. So I picked a cool font for the “3rd Millennium Horror” and placed it in the background in black. Because the emphasis of our show is on the countdown aspect, I decided that I’d put emphasis on the “Countdown” of the logo. I picked the font that looked like dripping blood, of course changed the color to red, and then faded it so that all the words were still readable. I mean, how could I resist? I really like the finished product. Looking back on it now, I think that I should maybe add a “#ds106radio” in a corner. What do you guys think?



I also made this logo on! I chose to do this as a Facebook Banner size, Cause who knows, maybe we’d want to make a Facebook page for our show! Then the rest was super easy, I just wrote text, selected different fonts and colors for them, and placed them accordingly!


Lastly, I actually received some complements on my radio bumper that I had made a few weeks ago, and I was hoping to use it in our show to promote ds106radio in general! Here it is if you haven’t heard it!


  1. Brittany Raze says:

    I love your poster because it is simple and interests me in your show. Your logo is really cool too. I like that it is simple, as a logo should be, but catches your eye. Your radio bumper is great too.

  2. Aaron says:

    That logo is super cool. However I do agree that you should put a little Ds106 in the corner. That was a good write up and I hope your group enjoys the logo as much as I did!

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