Radio Show Progress

Starting work on this Radio Show has definitely been interesting! First off, I was really nervous about finding a group. I don’t know anyone in our class personally, so I thought I was just going to get thrown in any ol’ group. I was so glad that I wasn’t the only one out there searching for a group, and easily found one on Twitter! Working with my group has been pretty easy so far. We all seem to have decent communication going, however it would definitely be easier if it could be facilitated in person. You can’t always get that with an online class though!

We chose a horror movie countdown theme. At first I was a little worried about it, I thought that maybe it was a bit of a cop out. However, I have actually been having a lot of a fun watching movies and coming up with things to say, so I hope that other people enjoy listening! We each chose 1 movie from IMDb‘s top list and 1 movie from their bottom list to compile into our radio show. I chose The Hills Have Eyes (2006) as my top movie, and The Amityville Horror (2005) as my bottom movie!

So far, I’m noticing a pattern within my thoughts. Both of the movies that I chose are remakes of the originals. I’m finding that in my reviews I seem to focus heavily on comparing them the originals, and deciding what worked and didn’t work for the remakes. I have also decided that I do not think I will be incorporating clips from the movies into my sections. Because my reviews seem to be leaning towards the comparison side, I do not think that sound clips will be beneficial to my segments, and will just fill up time that I could be talking. We’ll see though, once I actually go through and write my dialogue I might feel differently on the subject.

Here’s my current thoughts on each movie:

The Hills Have Eyes:

Well I rented this on Amazon……and it just gets stuck loading when I try to play it. Recently, the internet connection has been terrible at my house (I think we need to change our wifi password, it’s way too easy). I’ll just have to watch it another time…. Stay tuned for updates!

The Amityville Horror:

  • Acting is not the best, detracts from the story
  • I liked how the 70’s vibe was still kept in this remake, they didn’t spin it out of control with new technology
  • There was minimal use of special effects
  • However the special effects that were used were poorly done. Effects such as windows blowing open and chairs moving mysteriously were done unrealistically and very forced
  • Each “scary” encounter did not build up to the next. They were each equal in their “scare” factor.
  • It was not subtle like the original. Each “scare” factor produced many sudden scares and jumping moments. I felt that maybe there were too many of these moments. (I guess this would be good if you’re into that type of horror, I for one am not a huge fan)
  • One flaw that I noticed was that one of the jumping moments did not match the plot of the story. In this scene, you see the father seeing an image of one of the deceased girls of the plot. In this image, the girl had been hanged. However, in the story the girl had been shot. I was slightly confused as to why a hanging had been used in this image, because it did not follow the plot.


  1. Brittany Raze says:

    I love how analytical you were in your review of The Amityville Horror. I thought it was a pretty good movie when I first saw it but after watching it a few times I started noticing most of what you pointed out above. I can’t wait to hear your review of The Hills Have Eyes.

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