Radio Show Progress Week 2!

I’m so glad this week is over! I’m sure my group got a little frustrated with me this week. I spent the whole weekend in Cass, West Virginia with no cell service or wifi! Fortunately I didn’t miss much. However, when I got back I caught a nasty cold (which I still have, ugh). My group members wanted to have our individual parts done pretty early in the week, and they knew my parts were going to coming in a little later due to being out of town. This awful cold made it so I just couldn’t record myself talking. I lost my voice for a while, and had been coughing uncontrollably. It finally settled down enough for me to record. That took WAY longer than it should have, I had to edit out my sniffles! I’m glad that I did my recordings when I did though, because just a few hours later it got so much worse. My nose is so stuffed that I can barely breathe, and I sound so nasally. I really hate cold season, I can’t wait to be done with this.

As for the actual “doing” of this week, it wasn’t all that terrible. I was able to watch The Amityville Horror last week, and write my full review out. I had an issue with getting The Hills Have Eyes to load on my computer, so I ended up watching it when I got back from West Virginia. Then it just came down to recording my reviews when I was feeling a little better. The recording part really wasn’t that hard at all. I used Garageband because I’m very familiar with it. I just recorded my parts in the audio section, and saved it as an mp3 through my iTunes. Then I just sent it over to my group member John, and he mashed it all together!

Overall I had a good experience working with my group. I feel like we all had good communication, and worked easily with each other. I think our show turned out pretty good, and I’m excited to hear it on the ds106 radio!


  1. Alexis Zirpmoulis says:

    I think everyone in our group understood we all have busy and crazy schedules. We were able to pull through and complete our radio assignment before the due date. I think we did great!

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