I LOVE photography. Am I good at it? Absolutely not.

As a kid I had a few different digital cameras. I was really in to taking pictures of random things, from my outfit that day to the grilled cheese sandwich I had for lunch. I guess you could say that I was a basic Instagram girl in the making. I had no rhyme or reason for my pictures, it was truly just something I did to pass the time. As I got older, and went through flip phones to slide phones to my iPhones, the pictures I took began to have more personal meaning. I love capturing my memories, and looking back at them. I have about 3,000 photos sitting on my phone right now, and no space for anything else! Sometimes I’ll just sit and look through my photo bank. It’s quite fun to see how life changes and how quickly time passes. But none of these photos are really striking to look at. Its really just pictures of my friends, surroundings, and favorite pastimes. If anyone unrelated were to look at these photos they would probably feel nothing. What makes them so special to me is the fact that they are my memories.

I used to take photos left and right. Well this really slowed down last semester. One day, not out of the ordinary from any other, I dropped my phone. Nothing serious seemed to happen to it, the screen didn’t smash, no scratches or dents. However, the next time I went to take a picture I knew something was up. As it turns out, when I dropped my phone the camera lens got stuck. I couldn’t tell you exactly what’s going on in there, but all I know is that the lens is stuck out of focus. The camera tries as hard as it can to focus on something, but the finished product is always incredibly blurry.

I’m really excited, because in just a few short weeks I’ll have a new iPhone 6s with 64gb worth of storage! My upgrade really came right on time for this class. I’m really excited to do fun picture taking assignments once my new phone comes in!

Mostly, I’m excited to begin exploring more into the realm of photography. As I mentioned earlier, my photos right now are strictly my memories. This ranges from the clear waters of Aruba to my best friends at a basketball game. I guess we’ll see what kinds of artsy photos I’ll take in the weeks to come!

IMG_0716 IMG_9468

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