Phone Conversation With Myself!

For this assignment, I decided to relate it to my horror host! Basically, I had to have a phone conversation with myself, but alter my voice so it sounded like I was talking to someone else! I actually had a lot of fun with it!

So for the topic of the conversation, I figured it would be cool to relate it to my group’s radio show! I decided that my horror host, The Headless Ballerina, hired a casting company to help find her work. Well, she was in luck because Horror Hosting Casting Company landed her a great gig, on the 3rd Millennium Horror Countdown show! Listen to the conversation here:

The making of this assignment was really not that hard (once I got the hang of it). First, I opened a new vocal project in my Garageband, then toyed around with the settings a little. To record myself as the Headless Ballerina, I simply used no effects. I figured she could have my real voice! I decided that the employee on the other line should be a guy, to help with the contrast between voices. To record myself with a lower voice, I went to Effects -> Vocals -> Deeper Vocals. The deep vocals on my voice really make me sound like a man! Then, I went back and forth between the two, and recorded each chunk of the conversation. Lastly, I downloaded a phone ringing sound off of For some reason I had a file issue with Garageband and the sound file, so I just ended up recording it from iTunes! I placed that in front, and arranged all of the vocal clips in order. Then, I recorded myself clicking the mouse forcefully for the hang-up noise!

That was really all for this assignment, I hope you all like it!

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