Noticing the Extras

Gilmore Girls Season 1 Episode 18

Scene 1: No extras!

Scene 2: No extras!

Scene 3:

  • Private school setting
  • Many extras in classroom
  • All wearing different variations of gray and navy uniforms (sweaters, plaid skirts, blazers, khakis)
  • All talking amongst each other, working on group projects it appears
  • Teacher figure walking around, looks to be helping each group
  • No extras in the shots of the main character

Scene 4:

  • Hotel setting
  • Older adult guests walking around, in and out, checking in, etc
  • Again, no extras behind main character

Scene 5:

  • Private school setting outside
  • Students sitting on benches, walking around, etc
  • Laughing, talking, etc

Scene 6: No extras!

Scene 7: No extras!

Scene 8:

  • Private school setting
  • Students are wearing street clothes instead of school clothes – it’s Saturday
  • Two students walked in classroom with backpacks, not a part of the main character’s study group
  • Main character gives coffee to the two students with backpacks, then they sit down and do work in the back corner

Scene 9: No extras!

Scene 10: No extras!

Scene 11:

  • Outside in the town
  • Guy walking around playing guitar and singing
  • People walking around enjoying the day, in and out of buildings, down the street, sitting on benches and at Cafes
  • Server walked outside of a restaurant with cake
  • Cars driving by every now and then
  • Middle-aged people wearing simple clothes, no labels
  • Someone talking on a pay phone

Scene 12: No extras!

Scene 13:

  • Private school setting
  • No uniforms – Sunday
  • Students walking out and in classrooms
  • Minimal extras in this scene

Scene 14:

  • Tea room setting
  • All the extras are older women dressed up for tea time, and waiters and waitresses in suits
  • All sitting at tables, or being seated
  • Having conversations among their groups

Final Scene:

  • Outdoor bus stop setting
  • People standing around and talking
  • People exiting and entering the bus after it arrives
  • Many people with shopping bags

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