New to Gifs

Hello all! I’m actually posting this on my blog much later than it was written because I’ve had issues logging in. But without any further ado, here we go!

For my first module, I have chosen the Animated Gifs. I have two main goals for this module, to learn more about the history of the Gif and to understand more about the making of Gifs. I personally have absolutely no experience with them, I don’t even have the keyboard on my phone. It’ll be cool to dig a little deeper into this form of media!

Obviously I’m hoping to create a cool gif out of this! As I just said, I’ve never done it before, so I’m not entirely confident that the end product will be that great.

I assume that I’ll be doing a lot of my research on the internet, using the Google search engine and probably Wikipedia. I’m not sure what resources are out there for gif creating, so I guess I’ll find out soon!

I’m really excited to get started and learn something new! 🙂

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