My Kitty Cats!

I’ve been feeling really homesick for my cats. Now that I’m a junior, I no longer live on campus. Instead of living in an apartment, I’m currently living in a house of campus. This is the first time that I have ever lived in a house without a cat (only because one of my housemates is allergic). When I saw this assignment I got super excited. Make a collage of my pets to show how funny they can be? YES PLEASE.

My cat Taco is really strange. She has a thing for all men, whether it be my brother, my boyfriend, or my mom’s boyfriend. She loves to climb up on your shoulders (especially when you’re eating) and either rub all over you, or “groom” your hair/scalp with her teeth. You can see her perched on many shoulders in this collage.

My cat Aurora is pretty shy and quiet. She tends to stay away from us humans, but when she wants to snuggle she has to snuggle now! She’s also a huge fan of taking selfies! She loves to see herself in the camera. You’ll see one of her selfies here!

My last cat, Smokey, is our indoor outdoor cat. He much prefers the outside, so I don’t have many pictures of him. Before we got him, he was found in a feral colony, and he still acts like it too! When he’s inside he loves cuddles and chicken!



The making of this wasn’t hard at all! I just compiled photos from Facebook and my phone onto my computer, uploaded them onto, and chose a collage!

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