My Design Blitz!

Well when I decided to do this assignment a fews days ago the weather turned absolutely disgusting. I figured I’d try to wait it out, but who am I kidding, there’s a hurricane coming! So I figured the best why to try and complete this assignment was using old pictures!

I believe that this photo demonstrates the meaning of balance in a photo. Here, all of the feet are pointed towards a central point, in the middle of the picture. From there, the legs spin out evenly. This gives the photo of these ballet dancers a formal symmetrical balance!



Do I even need to explain the dominance in this photo? The paintings on the bottle shaped figures in front of the plain white building stand out so much! (Yes I did use this photo for a Daily Create this week but I thought it worked well here too!)



I love how the cruise ship uses space in this particular photo! It makes the size of the boat feel so large, and feels like it’s coming right at you!

Cruise Ship!


This picture of the Epcot Ball in Disney World definitely shows rhythm! The repetition of the “spikes” on the ball gives the ball a flowing rhythm, and if you stare at it too long it almost looks like it’s moving!


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