Missing RVA

Wow this assignment really made me homesick! I’m from good ol’ Richmond, Virginia. There’s really quite a lot to see there! And this really got me thinking that there’s a lot that I haven’t seen!



First off, on the top left is Belle Isle. This is a beautiful chunk of the James River, that I have never visited! I always see the best pictures taken on sunny warm days in the summer, and they always make me jealous! Next summer when I want to go to the pool I know I’ll definitely take a trip down to the river instead! On the top right is the Midlothian Mines Park. I’m from Midlothian, just south of Richmond, and we’re known to the the mining town! That’s how people here used to make money, and the remains of the mines are now part of a park! They’re really cool to explore, and there’s usually geocaching activities there too! It’s been way too long since I’ve been, and I’d love to go back! On the bottom left is Maymont Park in Richmond. One of my favorite pastimes as a kid was packing a picnic, and eating it at Maymont! Then visiting all of the fun animals after! I hope to go back and have more picnics this summer! Lastly, on the bottom right is Byrd Theater. I’ve never been, but I’ve only heard good things. It’s a really cool theater, that has never been remodeled since its opening in 1928! It even has an oregon for live performances! I’d really love to go see a movie there, it sounds like a super fun experience! I just gotta say that I already can’t wait to go back home this summer, because I definitely have a summer fun checklist started!

To make this assignment, I just chose the 4 places that I was missing from home, found pictures on Google, and created a collage for them on www.befunky.com!

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