Mashing Together Week 12

I really really enjoyed this week! I honestly had never explored the “mashup” section of the assignment  bank, and it was fun to familiarize myself with it! Unfortunately there definitely are not as many assignments to choose from in that section, which was a little bit of a bummer. Maybe I’ll look into creating my own mashup assignment! Here are the mashup assignments I did for the week!

Remixing the assignments was fun too! I decided to start fresh with one assignment, and then remix one I had already done for the second! I will say though, that it took a while to get the perfect remix for each assignment. Some of the remixes just didn’t make sense for the assignments that I wanted to do! Here are the remixed assignments I did:

And as per usual, my daily creates and my comments for the week!

Hope everyone had a good week! Now on to the weekend 🙂

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