Mashing Things

As I mentioned in a post before, I took DS106 last semester. We focused on remixes and mashups a lot. I had worked on one particular project, mashing two songs together. I chose “Follow Me” by Uncle Kracker, which has a steady calm beat. Then, I chose “Where Is The Love” by The Black Eyed Peas.

My initial intention was to completely mash over the two songs, words and all. It actually sounded pretty cool for a good portion of the song. However, near the end was where the beats really started to sound terrible. I didn’t want to cut up the song, because my original vision had been to leave it alone so it flowed more.

As I looked more on this, I realized that the best course of action was to take the strong beat from the intro of “Where Is The Love” and overlay it under the chorus of “Follow Me”. I actually really like the way this turned out! I faded it out after the first chorus, because I still wasn’t happy with how the ending verses were sounding.

The first time around, I uploaded my mashup to Soundcloud. It got taken down incredibly quickly due to copyright. So this time around, I’m just going to upload it directly to my site! Here ya go!

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