Mashing Friends and Emojis

I got super excited when I saw this assignment (3.5 stars). I’m currently sitting at the ITCC with a few of my friends. I turned to my left, and I knew my friend Emily would be totally down to help! Basically, I had to take a picture of a friend reenacting an emoji, how fun is that? My favorite emoji is the one I used, which I thought was perfect because Emily kind of resembles it! Here’s the finished product!



The making of this was super super simple! Basically, I google searched the emoji that I wanted to use, and saved it on my desktop. Next, I made Emily pose just like her and I took her picture. Then I put the two photos together in a collage from BeFunky! Hope you all like it! 🙂


  1. Alexis Zirpmoulis says:

    I liked this assignment as well! I chose to work on this assignment a few weeks back and thought it was rather simple and fun!

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