Love at First Shot



*Just threw a message in a bottle into the ocean*

Girl: Do you think anyone will actually find this?

Guy: I don’t really know. I can only hope that the message will reach whoever needs to read it the most.

Girl: It’s exciting isn’t it? To think that wherever this bottle will end up, someone can add their story to ours?

Guy: It sure is, I can’t believe that message has been added to over the span of generations.

Girl: So much love concentrated into one small bottle waiting to be opened for the next person for them to be inspired hopefully.

Guy: Yeah, and the message will be passed on and on. maybe even our love as well as others can reach other continents and even the most exotic of places. It has the potential to bring light to the darkest of places.

Girl: We’ve done our part, we made sure the love passes on to who needs it. The only thing we can do is carry on ourselves; never letting go of who we are because of this experience and move forward to explore the depths of our own oceans darling.

Guy: As long as we have each other, no depth is too deep, my love.



Doing this assignment was a lot of fun for me! When I read the initial assignment I actually got a little excited. I figured what better way to sneak in a picture of my boyfriend and I for a grade! Well to start off this assignment, I went through my entire library of photos on my computer. I was looking for one that I knew I could put a good story behind. Most of our pictures consist of selfies with my cats…so I didn’t think those were good contenders. Another good portion of our pictures are very posed at formal events. I didn’t think those were a great idea either, because they don’t have that relaxed vibe. I finally made it to the portion of photos from my family’s summer vacation to the Corolla in the OBX. I had totally forgotten about this photo of us just gazing into the ocean. I know we had been talking while my mom took this picture, but this is definitely not the conversation we had! I know we had been saying something along the lines of “when will she finish taking these damn photos!”, which really is not that interesting of a story. I decided to take inspiration from the water. And it hit me, a message in a bottle story! I figured it couldn’t be more perfect. My boyfriend and I can be pretty sappy at times, we’re just those kind of people. So of course a sappy story couldn’t have been more appropriate. I’ve always hoped that I personally would find a message in a bottle. It’s really cool to hear those stories floating around the news stations, especially when the original writer is looking for a response! I’ve always wanted to take part in one of those chains, and I guess this was my way of doing it! Let me know if any of you guys find our bottle and add on to the message! (wink wink) 😉

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