Losing my Memories

When I read this assignment I honestly got super excited but sad at the same time. Excited, because I can actually relate to it! But sad because unfortunately, I lost my memories.

During the summer of 2006, I traveled to Italy and Greece with the People to People Student Ambassador program. I’d have to say it was definitely some of the best 3 weeks of my life. I was completely immersed into both the Greek and Italian cultures. I ate the food, spoke a little bit of the language, visited many of the historic sites, and so much more. Sometimes I wish time machines were a real thing so I could go back and relive it. I was so young, just 10 years old, I wish I had known at that age to really appreciate the opportunity that I had been given.

Well fast forward almost 10 years, and what do I have from that trip? Just a few t-shirts, a hat, some other small and random things. I’m sure you’re thinking “What about all those pictures that you took?” Yeah, well they’re lost. Probably forever.

As we all know, 2006 was definitely not 2015. Now we don’t have to worry much about needing to save all of our old memory cards and films and bring the negatives to be developed. We have the internet at the tips of our fingers to document our life’s journey, at little cost to us. Well it wasn’t quite that easy back in 06. The hundreds of photos that I took on this trip are located on a memory card, location unknown.

I was so stupid and never got the pictures printed. Why? Well 10 year-old me thought it wasn’t necessary. Because I’ll always have that camera and memory card and will be able to look back all the time. Right? Wrong. Who was I kidding? Technology is a thing man.

So last summer, my parents literally switched houses. Like my dad lives in my mom’s old house and my mom lives in my dad’s old house. I know, weird….but not the point. So during the whole house switch, my dad made me go through all of my old junk and toss things. Well I had done this for days. Man had I let my shit pile up. It was terrible. And I got so frustrated because it seemed never ending, that I started just chucking things left and right. I didn’t care what I was throwing away.

A few weeks after this happened I got to thinking, hey where did I put that memory card? It’s about time I have those pictures printed. Nowhere. To. Be. Found.

I’m about 99.9% sure that I chucked it. Never in my life have I felt so stupid. I would do anything to get those memories back. To just look back and really remember those three weeks from so long ago.

Fortunately, I still do have a couple of the pictures that I had taken on that trip. My memories will just have to solely ride on these.

205428_1052472246970_3365275_n 206516_1052471606954_1261341_n 215131_1052471566953_2189142_n 216231_1052472046965_5641232_n

Basically lesson learned. Never again will I act like technology doesn’t evolve, and never again will I treat my memories like complete shit. Always remember that Kaitlin, always remember.

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