Last Weekly Summary!

WOW did this semester go by quickly. Honestly I can’t believe it. I’m not going to lie though, I’m really excited to be finished and go home to Richmond next week! I’m really missing all my friends and family there. Well on to the good stuff, cause I know that’s why you’re here!

I created my second assignment this week! The first one I did was a few weeks back, you can check that one out here! And here‘s the one I did this week! I also completed two different tutorials! You can check them both out:

Here’s some comments that I’ve left on fellow ds106ers pages!



And last but certainly not least, my final project!!!! I had a lot of fun creating this little thing! I knew I wanted to include my horror host, the Headless Ballerina in it. My initial idea was my favorite. I really wanted to recreate how she died and went to horror host land. Unfortunately, based on the original story I created for that it just didn’t quite seem possible. I definitely don’t own any sort of lighting equipment to fall and injure my neck in! So I went with my next best idea, and decided on a “day in the life” type post. I based her day off of my PAC Big Show weekend and Thanksgiving break!

  • To start off my assignment, I decided to start off with a little visual, and show you guys everything I had packed in my big show bag! Many of my items were already at the auditorium, because I had left some things there overnight, but my main items were shown in the picture! I just set up my bag, took a picture, then uploaded it to my flickr account!
  • Next, I wanted to show some real time dance practicing, including all the flaws that come with learning a dance! After my last practice at the studio, my friend (who works there) let me stay a little late so I could record a video for this! I was half in costume, which looks a little silly, whoops. I didn’t post the version of me doing it perfectly, well because that’s not always realistic! I had my friend take the video, then I uploaded it to my YouTube account!
  • Next, I decided to take a spin on a design assignment that I had created in the past. I had chosen to do the “Tattoos 4 Life” assignment, where I designed a tattoo that I’ve been wanting for years. Well, over the break I actually went out and got it! How’s that for a class assignment? 😉 I just took both the design picture and the real one, and uploaded them to a collage in BeFunky so you guys can see a side by side comparison!
  • Lastly, I wanted to do some sort of audio assignment, but I couldn’t quite figure out what to do. I’m going to a friends ugly Christmas Sweater party tonight, and I love to bake so of course I’m bringing some desserts! I decided to recreate this cute Pinterest pin of melting snowman cake pops for the party! I decided to record myself preparing them, because it really was a noisy experience! If you have ever made cake pops before, listen and try to guess what I’m doing! While I was making them, I had GarageBand up on my computer recording the whole thing. When I finished, I edited down the footage so it wasn’t 45 minutes long! Then I shared it to my iTunes account, and uploaded it to my Soundcloud so everyone can hear!

Well that’s pretty much it for the creation of my final project! I hope you all check it out and give me feedback on it, it would be much appreciated!

I really enjoyed this class over the semester. Yes it definitely was a lot of work at times, but it was always enjoyable. I feel like I’ve branched out a lot, from creating a Twitter, to feeling comfortable with recording myself and posting for the world to see! I hope you all enjoyed all the work I put out for ds106, I definitely enjoyed doing it!

That’s all for now guys!

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