Juliet Doherty Highlights 2015

When I came across this assignment I figured what better way to show off a dancer who both my my host character and I look up to, Juliet Doherty! Juliet Doherty is one of my favorite ballerinas out there, and she’s extremely accomplished for only being 17! She’s my favorite to watch, and I wish I could dance like her! So I decided to put together a little video of some of my favorite moments from her pieces this year!

The making of this video was really quite easy! I found all of the pictures that I wanted to use, then I downloaded them into my iMovie. Then, I strung them all together in the order that I wanted, and added an intro slide. Lastly, I found some really happy music on YouTube, and I downloaded it to use, cause who doesn’t like happy music? Hope you all enjoy it!


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