Hide and Seek


There was once a young couple, very much in love, who decided to get married. Vintage+Wedding+Typography+GraphicsFairy2

On the eve of their wedding, a reception was held at the bride’s grandmother’s house. Everyone in attendance were joyous over the newly wedded couple. During the reception, a game of hide and seek was played. As the groom counted to a hundred, all of the guests, including the bride, scattered among the house to find the perfect hiding spots. hide-and-seek

The groom searched all over the house, and found the guests one by one. However, his bride was nowhere to be found. Eventually, the entire reception started looking for her. Everyone grew uneasy as they learned she couldn’t be found. Had she run away? Was she nervous over the new marriage?

Eventually, the groom continued on with his life and forgot about his bride.


Several years later, the attic of the house went through a cleaning. The cleaning lady found an old trunk, and couldn’t help her curiosity. To her surprise, she found a rotting corpse, with a wedding band on it’s left ring finger. As it turns out, the bride must have hid, and locked herself in the trunk on that night of hide and seek.

“It was impossible to tell whether she had suffocated or starved to death, but her face was frozen in a silent scream.”



Retelling of my favorite scary story as a kid, “The Bride” from More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

I suggest any of the stories from this book series, they keep you hooked through their suspense, but won’t leave you too scared to go to bed!

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