Guess The Word!

I found this assignment to be pretty cool, especially after participating in this years Lip Sync event (and no, it’s not the lip sync assignment!) For all that didn’t attend, the winners of the competition were the sign language group! I personally know no sign language, so I thought this would be a super fun (and educational) assignment to complete! The word I chose to sign directly related to my host character, The Headless Ballerina….so go ahead, watch my video and take a guess!

The making of this assignment was a little harder than I had expected it would be. As I said earlier, I’ve never learned any sign language! I quickly realized that my memory really isn’t the best, and I couldn’t seem to take a 1-take video without messing it up! So instead I decided to take pictures of my hands signing the letters and string them together. I think it made a better video! So I just went ahead and took pictures of each letter, uploaded them into my iMovie, strung them together in order, and added a title and ending slide!

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