Grand Jete Compilation Video!

I was pretty excited when I saw this assignment (for 4.5 stars), I’m not going to lie. As soon as I read the details I knew that I wanted to do it and relate it to my host character! Just as a refresher, my host character is The Headless Ballerina. And why is she headless? Well in her last dance performance, she took a grand jete (leap) right off the stage and sliced her neck open in a pile of lighting equipment. So I decided to make a compilation video to show everyone exactly what a grand jete is!

The making of this assignment was really easy, however it definitely took some time. I followed the one tutorial posted, however I had already figured that that was the best way to do it on my own. Honestly, the first part took me the longest to complete, I went onto YouTube and looked for videos to use in my compilation. Finding videos that I thought were appropriate for this assignment took some time, but I think I found a good mix! Next, I downloaded them all to my computer using Then, I uploaded all of the videos into iMovie on my MacBook. I edited down the clips that I needed to, then strung them all together. Then, I removed the original sound from all of the clips, and added in The Vitamin String Quartet’s rendition of Just Dance by Lady GaGa for the background music! Then voila, the finished product was uploaded to my YouTube channel! Hope you all enjoyed it!


  1. melissa says:

    I love the click and the choice of music was pretty good too, and I even like that the music matches with some of the moves, Love it

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