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** I just want to start of this post saying that I’ve been pretty sick for the last week, it seems to be some strain of the flu. Unfortunately I have been unable to make it to class many days. Because of this, I didn’t want to pull my group down and instead decided to work by myself. I realize that this will have a negative impact on my grade, but this seemed better than skipping out entirely, so here we go!

When I started this module, I set two goals for myself. Mainly, I wanted to learn about the history of GIFs, and I also wanted to learn how to make one myself. I was pretty naive going into it. I thought that GIF’s had truly been a “thing” of this decade, that they had only surfaced with the rise of social media. I’m not entirely sure why I had this assumption, especially because I knew I had seen so many of these mini animations in the past. I guess I had just never put two and two together…I tend to be bad at that sometimes.

As I already mentioned, I was most surprised to learn about the origination of the GIF. It surfaced in the mid to late 80s, and while it was still new in the digital world it was experiencing much controversy. This controversy spurred the development of the PNG format.

One of the more surprising things that I learned was about the pronunciation. Along with my blindness to the origination of the GIF, I was also unfamiliar with saying it correctly. I had assumed that it was pronounced with a hard “g”, as many others have. However, it is truly pronounced with a soft “g”, just like the peanut butter brand “Jif”.

I feel like a lot of my learning experience for this module was through readings. I found a lot of information through the Wikipedia GIF page and “The History of GIFs” on The rest of my learning came through making GIFs myself. I used two different sites to make my GIFs, imgflip and Giphy. These sites were generally easy to use.

I’m not going to lie, I’m really not the best at this kind of stuff. I already kinda knew this, but it really showed as I was trying to make GIFs. I gave up way too many times on the harder ones, I wish I could’ve forced myself to stick it out. I’m really good with dealing with audio, like cutting music, however visuals are really not my forte. I’d definitely be up for more help in the future though!

Honestly, I’m just proud to say that I made a GIF. It may not the best one out there, it could definitely be the worst. The important part here is that I did it, and that’s pretty cool!



Links to other work I’ve done for this module:

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