Freshman Move-in

I literally jumped for joy when I saw this assignment. I love sharing my memories, especially from the big points in my life!

Wow where to begin.

I was definitely extremely excited to move in freshman year. Nervous yes, but excited more! Starting this new chapter in my life was definitely something to be excited about. I had never lived away from home for so long and without personal means of transportation, that was where my nervousness stemmed from. I barely slept the night before move-in. However, this was probably because the upstairs A/C in my house had just broken, so my entire family slept together in the downstairs bedroom. That was definitely no fun, but it made for an interesting last night at home! We got on the road bright and early that morning, at 6:30 am so we’d make it to UMW by 7:30 (I’m from Richmond by the way). When we arrived, we pulled up and parked on Jeffy Square, and I took a good look at the place I’d call home for a year. Jefferson Hall. Now that place definitely had it’s downs, no A/C (that last night at home was really just prequel I tell you), hall bathrooms, dead cicadas everywhere. But it had so much character. Anyways, back to move-in. So it was a pretty gloomy day weather-wise. We did manage to get all of my things into my room well before the downpour started! Unfortunately though, it was disgustingly hot that day, setting up my room was truly miserable in the heat. My entire family also chose to come, so we really had too many people shoved into that little room. However, the time came for my family to leave, which was honestly not as hard as I expected. I knew that they’re always a phone call, or an hour drive away, which made me feel much better about leaving home. The hardest thing about the day was definitely saying goodbye to my boyfriend. At that point we had only been together a year (over 3 now), but saying goodbye to him was the hardest thing I did that day. I remember it really clearly. All of my move-ins since haven’t nearly been as hard, because being away from the one’s I love turned out to be pretty okay! 🙂

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