Dramatically Britney

I got really excited when I saw this assignment! It looked super fun, and super silly! Basically, I had to take a fun song, record myself speaking the lyrics super seriously, then put it on top of instrumental music to give it an entirely different feel. I’m actually pretty happy with how mine came out!

I decided to use one of my childhood favorite songs, Oops I Did It Again by Britney Spears. The original version of this song is super upbeat and fun, but I thought the lyrics would sound much different if read seriously! Here’s the original version of the song:


I recorded myself reading the lyrics on my Garageband. I had the mic on on the “song” section to give it an echo effect. Then I went through my iTunes library, looking for a good song to place behind it. I settled on the song “When the Love Falls” by Yiruma. I thought it added to the dramatic vibe! Then I added the song in to the Garageband file, cut the end of the song accordingly, downloaded to my iTunes and uploaded to my Soundcloud! Here’s the finished product!


  1. Brittany Raze says:

    HAAA!!!! That’s probably the song I would have chose if I did this assignment. I loved how you added some attitude to it since it’s a song that has a lot of attitude. I liked the song you put behind it but I probably would have chosen something with my attitude to match the way you read it. Overall I liked it a lot.

  2. Aaron says:

    When I listen to this reading I can only imagine a character in a tv series reading a letter. You changed it perfectly to have it go from up beat and poppy to a more somber vibe. Really great work and a great choice for the background sound to really enhance the feeling you were reading it with.

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