Color Changer Tutorial

Here’s a tutorial for the Color Changer assignment!

There’s another tutorial for this assignment using computer software, but incase you don’t have any picture editing software here’s how to do it on the web!

Step 1: Pick a picture that you want to edit. Try to pick one with a color palette that will look really interesting once edited.

Step 2: Go to PicMonkey and go to the “edit” page.

Step 3: Once on the edit page, upload the photo that you want to use. This is the photo that I used:



Step 4: Do whatever you want to it! You can pick different color changing effects from the “exposure” and “colors” menus. For my picture, I dialed up the temperature and contrast, and down the saturation.


Step 5: Save your new picture to your computer, and upload into your post!


Hope you found this tutorial helpful! 🙂


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