Cheesing Up The T-Shirt!

For my second remix assignment, I decided to go off of the “Create Your Own T-Shirt” assignment that I had already done a few weeks back! My “remix” was to “Turn Up The Cheese”, basically, I had to use some terrible over-the-top design elements to make my t-shirt ugly! So I started off with the t-shirt that I had originally made for UMW Dance Team, and really changed it up!

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 10.27.53 PM

I went back to Custom Ink and found my old t-shirt design. I kept a similar jersey style t-shirt, however I switched the color to this strangely bright but dull pink color. Next I changed the fonts to one’s that didn’t really compliment each other. Then, I decided to use too much clip art. I put the eagle up top because what school shirt would be complete without one? Then I put a huge dancer at the bottom just cause. Lastly, I made each different piece on the shirt a different shade of blue, which I think clashes terribly. So there ya go, my cheesed up t-shirt design! Tell me, would you wear this thing?

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