All About Camp!

As a child, every summer I attended Camp Thunderbird in Chesterfield, Virginia. I’m definitely not the outdoorsy type, but every summer it was the activity I looked forward to the most. Camp Thunderbird is a great all day camp. During the day, you do anything from archery, to horseback riding, to art class. My all-time favorite activity we would do at camp was using the new zip-line! I mean, what kid wouldn’t want to glide through the sky?

So when I got the opportunity to make a poster for my favorite summer camp I took it. Why wouldn’t I? It was fun, and brought so many great memories back from the good ol’ camp days!



Really what I did here was incredibly simple. I took my favorite activity, zip-lining, and found a great picture for a poster! From there I put common information that would typically be displayed on a camp poster, such as the name of the camp, the location, the dates, and a contact number. I made this poster on! It’s super quick and simple!

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