Afraid of the Audio

Annndddd week 5 has come to an end! I’m SO thankful it’s finally done. I’ve come to learn that I’m really not a fan of this whole recording myself business. I’m generally a pretty shy person until you get to know me. I don’t talk much unless I feel comfortable doing it. Well I definitely did NOT feel comfortable doing a lot of the assignments this week. But that’s okay, I guess I just have to kick my insecurities in the butt somehow.

I really enjoyed all of the listening and reading exercises from this week. I especially enjoyed listening in to Thursday’s radio show! I will say that 9-10 pm is generally an inconvenient time for me, I dance almost every night! Fortunately I don’t on Thursdays, and I was able to tune in! You can check out my blog post talking about all this here!

My daily creates for the week are here!

I was pretty nervous recording my radio bumper for the DS106 Radio! But if you muuust check it out, here it is!

Again, I was also nervous recording all the different audio assignments for this week! I’ve definitely learned that my voice sounds so different over recording than it does to me! So weird! Here are my assignments for the week:

All of my future radio show ideas are compiled here! I’m not sure if any of them would produce a good show, what do you think?

I’m so glad that this week has come to an end! As I finish this post, I’ll be heading home to Richmond because MY NEW PHONE ARRIVED! Hopefully I’ll get to post some pretty quality pictures next week!!!

That’s all for now!

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