Advice To You All

Hello everyone interested in taking ds106 next semester! Buckle in now……it’s going to be a long ride. Now I know what you’re all thinking, “that doesn’t sound good.” Well you’re definitely wrong! Imagine getting in the car in Virginia and not getting out until you make it to Orlando, Florida. Yeah you’re probably starving and need to pee, and most definitely are annoyed with your siblings. But the end is here, and you’re about to have a fantastic time on vacation.


Yeah maybe, but you’ll have tons of fun doing it. Learning all sorts of different outlets of media is pretty cool. I’m pretty much a pro at cutting music in Garageband now! Not to mention you may come out of your shell a little bit (I definitely did!)

I’ve always gotten away with procrastination!

Yeah nope. Nada. Not anymore. Say goodbye to that one. Procrastination is not an option with this course. You gotta be on top of your work, and you know what, you’ll enjoy doing that. It’s not like the dreaded business law final assignment (which I just procrastinated on, also a bad idea).

I already know a ton about media! What else is there to learn?

So much. SO MUCH. Unbelievable amounts. Trust me. Also don’t forget to think outside of the box, that’s pretty important.


You won’t regret being a ds106er. Yeah you might pull your hair out one week and plow through the next. But isn’t that the reality of life anyways? Sending lots of good luck your way!


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