A-R-M Reflection

remixWorking on the A-R-M module has been pretty cool! I’ve had fun expanding my knowledge on remixes and mashups, and making my own!

Although I had worked with the two a decent amount during my DS106 class last semester, there was still a bit to learn. I mainly focused on the history of remixes and mashups. I found out that they actually go pretty far back, I definitely thought that they were a newer fad. Remixes and mashups date back to even the ’60s, with the rise of dance hall culture. There isn’t a lot of information out there on the two, I hope that maybe in the future more will come about!

It was also really interesting to learn about the copyright issues. Last semester when I tried to post mashup-e1326567555756my first version of my mashup it was taken down quite quickly. Recently, I also had another instance where a video was taken down from my YouTube channel due to copyright of songs.

Most of my learning came through researching on the internet for this particular module. The other part came from actually doing. I used GarageBand to make my mashup. I’ve had small amounts of previous experience with GarageBand, so it wasn’t a huge learning curve. However, I did learn how to fade in and out the volume, something I hadn’t done yet!

Overall, this module was pretty cool, and I’m glad I chose to do it!


Links to other posts I made for this module:




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