A Day In The Life

Ever wonder what The Headless Ballerina does on her weekends off from her horror hosting job? I’m sure you do (I’d hope so at least!). I’m going to take you on a little day in the life of my host character The Headless Ballerina’s weekend (as told by her)!

The Day: Sunday, November 22nd

7:00 am: Alarm #1 goes off, and I hit snooze immediately (beauty sleep is important)

7:15 am: Alarm #2 goes off, obviously snoozing again because it’s still way too early in the morning!

7:30 am: Alarm #3 goes off, and it’s finally time to get out of bed!

7:35 am: Downstairs and making eggs and toast. This is definitely my favorite breakfast before a big show, it keeps me full and energized for the whole morning!

7:50 am: Back upstairs and time to get ready! I have a full face of makeup to get on in such little time, must focus on the winged eyeliner!

8:20 am: Makeup is done! Now it’s time for the high bun, I’m not quite sure how this will go….

8:35 am: 15 minutes for a bun…not my best but hey it’s done now!

8:40 am: Time to pack my bag! Let me show you all the essentials I pack in my bag for a Big Show weekend!

Big Show Weekend Bag!

  • I like to use my 31 large utilities bag for big show! It’s really big, and holds a rectangular shape so it’s quite sturdy as well!
  • All my costumes obviously! I keep them all folded and safe in plastic bags (on the left)
  • My big makeup bag! This is filled with all the makeup touch-up essentials for the show, extra eyelash glue, eyeliner, red lipstick, blush and bronzer, etc.
  • Tights and all of the different dance shoes that I will need! For this show I need my black tap shoes, tan jazz shoes and tan stirrup tights!
  • Down in the bottom I have my hair straightener and curling iron! I’ll use them for hair changes throughout the show
  • My hair brush and hairspray for those hair changes!
  • Deodorant because obviously I’ll get really hot and sweaty
  • And lastly down in the bottom are my water bottle and ankle brace! Of course I’ll need to stay hydrated throughout the show! I have a weak ankle too, so I always need my brace incase of injury!

9:00 am: Now that I’m done packing I really need to practice the ending of the tap dance that I’m in. I decided to branch out this semester and be in a tap piece, but it’s been a lot harder than I expected! I’ll head down to the studio now and get a little practice in.

9:20 am: I made it to Inspire Dance! Time to put on my tap shoes.

9:30 am: Practice time! I decided to tape a video of myself doing some of the choreography so I can see what I’m doing wrong. I made a few mistakes and stopped a few times, but practice makes perfect!

10:00 am: Done practicing! Time to head back down to Dodd Auditorium for Big Show prep!

10:20 am: Made it to Dodd! And I’m 10 minutes early for call time!

10:30 am: All dressed and ready in my last costume of the show! Yes the last costume! We’re about to take show pictures, and we go in reverse show order!

12:30 pm: Whew show pictures are all done now! That was really hectic! On to finishing getting ready for the show!

12:50 pm: Setting up all my costumes for the show! I have a really quick backstage change from my first number to my second number, I need to go put that costume backstage now.

1:00 pm: Now I’m helping others do their buns! Who knew that I’m such a master at other people’s buns and not my own?

1:25 pm: Almost top of the show! Things are really buzzing around here and I’m getting nervous for everything to start!

1:45 pm: Call time for the opening act! I’m in the first number, so I better go!

3:30 pm: Annnddd the show is done! I’m really satisfied with how it went, and I didn’t mess up the tap dance at all! I’m really glad I decided to take on something different this semester!

4:00 pm: All packed up and ready to go home. Even though I’m exhausted from the day, I still have some other exciting plans!

4:30 pm: I brought all my things home from the show and now it’s time to go back out to the mall!

5:00 pm: At the mall now! Both my mom and my brother are here with me, and we’re getting tattoos! Remember that tattoo design I shared a while back? Well I’m bringing it to life today! Here’s the side by side comparison of the two!


5:15 pm: All done with my tattoo now! That barely hurt at all! But now that I’m done dancing for the semester I won’t be using my foot much, perfect timing!

5:30 pm: Now my brother is getting his! He went with a treble clef on his wrist!

5:45 pm: And it’s my mom’s turn! She’s getting an intricate sugar skull on her shoulder, so it’ll be awhile!

7:50 pm: And we’re all done! Now we’re going out to get dinner before my mom and brother head back home!

8:30 pm: We just arrived at Outback Steakhouse, my favorite restaurant in the area!

10:00 pm: All done with dinner and I’m back home! I’m actually still not tired, and I still need to finish my latest baking extravaganza! I’m going to cover cake pops in white chocolate for my friends Christmas party tomorrow! Baking is so noisy! Listen in to a little of what’s going down in my kitchen right now! You can definitely tell chocolate takes a long time to melt in the microwave! The assembling of the cake pops was actually a bit quiet, so I cut a lot of that footage out. Overall it probably took me about 45 minutes to do it all!

10:45 pm: Wow now I’m wiped! That was a super long day! It’s shower and bedtime for me now! Goodnight everyone!

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