10 Second Throwback!

For my second Mashup assignment this week I chose to do the 10 Second Throwback, for 3.5 stars! Basically, I had to choose two or more throwback songs to mash together to make a short 10 second clip! I decided to relate this one to my host character, and used songs with “dance” in the title because The Headless Ballerina loves to dance! Here’s my mashup of “Dancing Queen” by ABBA and “Dance Dance Dance” by Wilson Phillips!

The making of this assignment was really quite simple! I went to my iTunes library, and I chose two of my favorite throwback songs about dancing. Then, I imported them both into Garageband, cut each song where I wanted to, then mashed them together. I think the intro to “Dancing Queen” is a classic, so I wanted to keep most of it. Then to fill up the rest of the 10 seconds, I put the chorus of “Dance Dance Dance” in there to really make the dance vibe come full circle. Then I uploaded it to my iTunes, and directly to my blog! I skipped the SoundCloud step because I wanted to sidestep any copyright issues! Well that’s all, hope you guys like my little mashup!


  1. Kathi says:

    Great start with Dancing Queen. It had a good beat and easy transition to the next selection. The second song could have gone a little longer. Good Throwback!

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