Closing The Door On Junior Year

Well, the semester has come and gone, and with that has brought some different changes to my digital footprint.


For the most part, my social media has stayed the same. I mostly contribute to Facebook and Instagram. I’ve really focused on putting more out there on my Twitter page, and not keeping it dormant. Honestly, I still mainly lurk on my social media. I really enjoy looking at other people’s content, and keeping up with old friends/family. I do post a decent amount on my own profile, however this is mainly through pictures. I’ve always loved scrapbooking and photo albums, so I really feel like my social media is just one big digital scrapbook for me! I use all of my social media under my full name, and keep the content clean so that I’d be proud to show it off to anyone.


The biggest thing that has changed for me is my domain. It was once a dumping ground for all of my assignments, I never really gave it much thought. Through this last assignment I have really reshaped it, and I’m happy with where it will go. First off, I categorized any assignment that I’ve done into the “Digital Studies Coursework” category. This gave all of my work one home to live in, instead of multiple. Next, I revamped my “About Me” page a little bit. It was a bit outdated, so I added and removed some pictures and updated the information. Secondly, I added two more pages to my site. Both of these pages just bring you a little more into my interests. I plan on adding more as I decide what would be good additions. Lastly, I updated and took my Resume page off of private. Now that I’m hoping to be looking for jobs and internships, having an updated resume on my page will be quite helpful.


The most important thing that I will take away from digital technology is to never forget that everything you do is documented and can be resurfaced. It is always important to only put out what you’d want your employer or your parents to see. Not everything is appropriate, and shouldn’t be put out there if unnecessary. I will always remember to only put out what I’m proud to show.

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